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  • RawSpeed Racing Takes First GTL Spot in ASRA Team Challenge
    Road Racing World July 19, 2015 New Jersey Motorsports Park

    "Once again it looked like Mavros Motorsports (Charlie Mavros, Seth Starnes, Dustin Young) would dominate the GTL class, but a mechanical failure brought their day to an early end. Even before the mechanical, Raw Speed Racing (David Hanig, Mark Evry) was up front and putting the pressure on Mavros. After the dust settled, it was Raw Speed followed by LWT Racer 61 (Sam Wiest, William Finnerty) in second with LWT Racer 171 (Todd Alberico, Benjamin Loyle) bringing home third place."

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  • RawSpeed Racing Wins GTL Class in ASRA Team Challenge
    Road Racing World July 19, 2015 Summit Point Raceway

    "The biggest surprise was the GTL class, as the Mavros & Boy team (J Seth Starnes, Mary Evry) crashed on the opening lap and took the team out of the event without scoring a single point. This left the door open for Faceplant/Ducati Depot (Tom Eubank, Greg Melka, Charlie Long, David Hanig) to really secure the GTL Championship but motor problems 25 laps into the event left them on the sidelines and a seventh-place finish. The TOBC 650 team (Brian Kcraget, Curtis Murray) took off and led the class until a crash on lap 15 ended their hopes of victory. From that point on it was Rawspeed Racing (David Hanig, Charlie Long, Anthony Strippoli) incommand as they completed 94 laps to win the class. Finishing second place was Well Seasoned Racing (David Hockenberry , BartDeFrancesco, George Demetropolis) with 93 laps followed by LWT Racing 171 (Todd Alberico, Benjamin Loyle) in third position. TheFaceplant/Ducati Depot team now has a 30-point lead over Mavros & Boy Racing for the GTL class with 2 rounds to go."

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  • Motorcycles at 150mph Made Less Risky with Air Bag Suits
    Bloomberg Pursuits Print Magazine & News Online March 18, 2014

    At Hanig's level -- he placed second in an American Sportbike Racing Association competition at Daytona in October -- it's more about dueling with other riders, all of them leaning hard into turns to maintain speed. Lean too little, and you’ll never win; lean too much, and your bike slides out from beneath you. "Crashing is part of racing," Hanig says. "If you’re not crashing, you’re not trying hard enough."

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  • AHRMA 2014 Race Results from Daytona International Speedway
  • 2013 Overall Standings
    Heather LaLonde February 17, 2014 New York, NY

    • ASRA National Championships
      • 2nd Place in Team Challenge GTL
      • 3rd Place in ASRA National ThunderBike Class
    • CCS Regional Championships
      • Atlantic:
        • 1st Place LW Grand Prix Class
        • 1st Place ThunderBike
        • 2nd Place LW SuperBike
        • 3rd Place GTL
      • Mid-Atlantic:
        • 1st Place ThunderBike
        • 3rd Place LW Grand Prix
        • 4th Place GTL
        • 4th Place LW SuperBike
    • Track Championships
      • Summit Point:
        • 1st Place GTL
        • 2nd Place LW GrandPrix
        • 2nd Place ThunderBike
        • 3rd Place LW SuperBike
      • NJMP:
        • 1st Place ThunderBike
        • 2nd Place LW Grand Prix
        • 3rd Place GT
        • 4th Place LW SuperBike

  • David Hanig takes 2nd in ThunderBike Race & 3rd in ThunderBike Overall Championship
    Oct 20, 2013 Daytona International Speedway

    "ASRA National Championship Series Sanctioned by AMA Provisional Race Results:Thunderbike Expert: 1. Ray Hofman (Duc 749R), 7 laps, 14:56.495, 98.68 mph 2. David Hanig (Bim 1100), -6.391 seconds 3. Thomas Hall (Duc 749) 4. Gino Angella (Duc 749) 5. Gerald Young, III (Suz SV650)Final Championship Point Standings (after 8 of 8 events):Thunderbike Expert: 1. Ray Hofman, 196 points 2. Douglas Fogg, 163 3. David Hanig, 86 4. Jim Bonner, 81 5. Darrell Emerson, 71 6. Brian Kcraget, 70 7. Russell Masecar, 65 8. Maximillian Grant, 46 9. Bob Poetzsch, 40 10. Gerald Young, III, 38"

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  • RawSpeed Racing Wins ASRA GTL Class & Moves up 9 Points Toward Championship
    Sept 9, 2013 New Jersey Motorsports Park

    "For the ASRA GTL class, David Hanig and his Rawspeed Racing crew won the by three laps over second place B&M Racing, followed by Todd Alberico's TCS Racing team in third position. The win moves Rawspeed to within 9 points of class leading G-Baby Racing, setting up a classic Daytonashowdown for the GTL championship."

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  • An Airbag Suit for Motorcycles?

    "On weekends, the 38-year-old brokerage salesman of California zooms around tracks across the country on one of his six motorcycles. He races in a Dainese D-air airbag suit from Italy. “It has three accelerometers, three gyroscopes, a GPS and onboard electronics that synthesize all that data and tell the D-air to pop before the racer hits the road,” according to Bloomberg."

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  • Hanig Takes First in ThunderBike
    July 21, 2013 New Jersey Motorsports Park

    "For the last race of the day, the ASRA ThunderBikes rolled to the line missing point leader Ray Hofman and raising the hopes of championship contender Doug Fogg. When the green flag dropped, it was David Hanig on the Ducati 749 who jumped to the point and took off chasing his first ThunderBike victory of 2013. It didn’t take long for Leonard Roy on his Suzuki SV 650 to move into second position and set off after Hanig. The race was stopped when Jim Bonner crashed his Yamaha 250 after the white flag, ending the race with Hanig in first, Roy in second and Fogg in third place. Ray Hofman holds a 19-point lead over Fogg with three races left in the 2013 ASRA ThunderBike Championship.

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  • RawSpeed Racing Launches On Kickstarter
    Heather LaLonde March 4, 2012 New York, NY

    We are very excited to announce that we just launched an exciting Kickstarter project to make a hybrid documentary web series because we want to give YOU the fans an exclusive look into our heart-pounding, blood-boiling world of motorcycle road racing!

    For the upcoming 2012 race season we will be following the up-close-and-personal lives of our very own RawSpeed Racing team. We’ll be documenting all the action inside and out of the pits, as we blast our way into an intense new season of American Sportbike racing. You’ll get to see us week in and week out as we live on the edge of life and death, racing at insane speeds to reach podium glory.

    We’ll give you moments of adrenaline-dosed anxiety and inspiration as we reveal what we are willing to sacrifice to win, even when it means going head-to-head with each other. Even though we all race together for RawSpeed Racing, only individual accolades count. There are actually no team awards so when we’re not helping each other fix our bikes, we become ultra competitive amongst ourselves.

    David and Kris have created a dream team of hopeful young riders, and this upcoming season will determine who makes the cut. As they chase Superbike gold, you’ll get to know each guy as they reveal their own breed of speed and flex a unique competitive edge to get to the top. Each race brings extreme safety risks–we are no strangers to wiping out. Crashes are not only possible, they’re probable! We will be risking it all, racing up and down the East Coast while juggling the physical and mental tolls this manic motorsport takes on our relationships, careers, and financial responsibilities. It ain’t easy, but to us, the rewards far outweigh the risks.

    Traveling the east coast from race to race doesn’t just take a toll on our bank accounts; it also takes a toll on our bikes. In the long season anything can happen: bad exhausts, ruptured fuel lines, and other technician gremlins are always looming. We’ll get behind-the-scenes of the continuous building, rebuilding and perfecting of Ducati’s, Yamahas and Suzuki’s.

    You’ll live the crazy life of a racer not just in the garage and on the track, but in the pits and in the backs of the trailers after long days and short nights. The life of a racer is a mix of blood curdling excitement and life-threatening anxiety, but we simply wouldn’t have it any other way.

    You might be wondering what exactly a hybrid documentary is. Well, we had the idea to do a "hybrid" documentary so that we can add a bit of flare to the series with some fictional skits (for instance, your favorite scenes from Days of Thunder or Talladega Nights!), dream sequences to make certain moments even more humorous and even some witty “Dukes of Hazard”-style commentary over the top. Don’t worry we’ll still be using raw footage from the track and pits but we also want to provide you with some good old fashion entertainment in whole new way!

    We are so excited about this project so please go to Kickstarter to check it out in more detail and see how you can help. We greatly appreciate any contribution you can make. RawSpeed!